Monday, 27 Jun 2022
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Should Buhari resign, Aye or Nay?

Na wa oo…African leaders and their sit-tightism” “E wo la tun rigbo oo” “Na your baba na!” “Which baba are you talking about?” “Your demi-god, Saibaba” “I have told you to stop taunting me in that manner; Buhari is not my Baba, he is our president. Anyway, what accusations have you levelled against him again, […]

Excessive Veneration of Public Officials And The Quest for Accountability

Discussions around the quest for greater accountability in government are a never ending one. It takes center stage in several citizen education platforms round the globe. The importance of accountability and transparency in government can never be exaggerated. It is the thread that holds democracy together. Democracy is touted as being a form of government […]

The Wailing Wailers And The Die Hard Buharists; A Tale Of Two Extremes

Power, especially one conferred as a result of high public office position, creates a dangerous phenomenon. An imaginary protective shield is automatically erected around you. People around you want to please you always. They only say what they believe wouldn’t hurt you. They tell you whatever you want to hear and not what you need […]

Same Old Wine In An APC Bottle? By Saheed Animashaun

If you think or you have ever thought that APC would be the harbinger of the desired change in Nigeria, you definitely need a rethink. Thereafter, if you still believe such, it is best you go to bed, sleep, and activate dream mode! There is little difference between APC and PDP! Trying to decipher the […]

Six Shades Of The Buhari Presidency By Saheed Animashaun

Different Nigerians view the performance of the Buhari-led administration with diverse lenses. To some, Buhari is The Immaculate, The Perfect! while to others, he is the worst thing to have happened to Nigeria after the civil war! After careful speculation, I present to you the top six categories of Nigerians you will find in the […]

Saheed Animashaun: Yet another PR gaffe by President Buhari

For the umpteenth time, I put forth that Buhari’s PR style needs to be changed. I really hope it doesn’t become an albatross that would ultimately become the undoing of his administration. This would be terribly unfortunate because if Buhari fails, it would mean every Nigerian has failed. While myself and many other conscionable Nigerians […]

Saheed Animashaun: One year later – Top 7 failings of Buhari so far

For my criticism to be fair let me cut Baba some slack. This is perhaps the worst possible time to be Nigeria’s President. Nigeria is an oil economy. As a mono-economy therefore, our economy is in normal circumstances bound to move in the direction of oil income. The nation’s income from crude oil sales is […]


A : “Bros, you don hear”? B : I have told you to stop speaking pidgin English with me; anyway what is it? A : Your Baba yan for Saudi say e no go pay 5k to unemployed youths contrary to his campaign promise! B : What is wrong with that? Is it not preferable […]