Tuesday, 27 Sep 2022
Category: Public Office

Should Buhari resign, Aye or Nay?

Na wa oo…African leaders and their sit-tightism” “E wo la tun rigbo oo” “Na your baba na!” “Which baba are you talking about?” “Your demi-god, Saibaba” “I have told you to stop taunting me in that manner; Buhari is not my Baba, he is our president. Anyway, what accusations have you levelled against him again, […]

Saheed Animashaun: One year later – Top 7 failings of Buhari so far

For my criticism to be fair let me cut Baba some slack. This is perhaps the worst possible time to be Nigeria’s President. Nigeria is an oil economy. As a mono-economy therefore, our economy is in normal circumstances bound to move in the direction of oil income. The nation’s income from crude oil sales is […]